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what we are all about

Working with the latest technologies PulseFX offers a rare opportunity to provide a complete and innovative solution to any area of the entertainment industry.

With Sound, Light and Audio visual in such high demand, PulseFX has gone one step further.



Whether it’s a party all week or just for one night our specialist sound and lighting equipment along with well over 40 years of combined experience gives us the perfect tools to create breath taking events. We build your dream set up through personal communication, brainstorming and most importantly an unshackled imagination.



We hire out sound, lighting and effects equipment to enhance your special occasion. There are limitless combination of equipment hire to suit your requirements, including hiring an operator to run the equipment if needed.


What it is all about


We have a wide selection of lighting effects giving great depth to any occasion. From painting a castle in deep rich colour to uplighters that can give a room true depth, with hundreds of colour options and variations to match your events colour scheme.



With our sound and P.A systems there is no more need to shout so the people at the back can hear you, all sound systems are suitable for both speeches and/or music. We can cater to any occasion, from festivals with thousands of people to Q&A's and meetings.



If you are looking for something to make that party stand out and be special, We have the effects and the imagination to bring your party to life and make it truly memorable. From flame lights to welcoming your guests with cinematic projection screens or writing your message in powerfully intense lasers it is sure to leave an impression.



In our services is where we bring all our tools together to create an experience. We are all ways investing in new and exciting technology in order to create you event extra special and unique. If you are interesting in seeing what we can do for you get in touch.


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Hopefully this website gives you an incite into PulseFX. Have a look around, feel free to get in touch to find out more.